Losing streaks are the norm in New York — DoubleGSports.com

The New York Knicks boast a 5-31 record, and continue to sell mediocrity at the GARDEN, and on the road.

First year coach Derek Fisher can only look on, as his team continues to falter. Phil Jackson continues to preach patience, as all newly appointed team presidents do when inheriting a team in the midst of a rebuild.

So brace for more mediocrity, and hope that this New York team can turn it around in no time right? Absolutely not, there is a stench in that locker room that is lingering, and that stench is called losing. A team that wants to turn its situation around has to find ways to win games, and this team cannot even string together multiple games of winning.

“It’s beyond my imagination at this point,” he said Sunday before a 95-82 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks that extended their losing streak to 11 games. “I never thought I’d see this. … This is definitely kind of mind-boggling.”(ESPN)

“Losing isn’t enjoyable, in any way shape or form,” Fisher said. “So from an emotional standpoint, you have to just continue to manage what you can control and continue to keep your mind focused on positive things. I’m trying to make sure that I’m being the right type of leader for these guys…. We’re going through a lot right now as a group so it’s my job to hold it down for them as they struggle. So if I have to take the brunt of whatever it is then I’ll take it. That’s my job.”(ESPN)

To make matters worse, New York may possibly lose their star for the season because of knee problems. If you’re a fan of these New York Knicks, you have your work cut out to watch what is happening on the court night in and night out with this team.

As abysmal as it may be, the Knicks will continue to lose in hopes of gaining a top pick this year. Their 11 game losing streak is the most for a team this season, the only other team to have lost 11 consecutive times this season is the Minnesota Timberwolves.

A top pick and tons of cap space has Knicks brass salivating, however the question is who wants to play in New York?


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