Bartolo Colon On Revocable Waivers

By: Darrin Williamson

The Mets have placed starting pitcher Bartolo Colon on revocable waivers, FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal tweets. Colon is in the first year of a two-year, $20MM deal that will pay him $11MM in 2015, so any team to claim him would risk being responsible for that salary. The Mets do, of course, retain the right to pull Colon back if any team claims him.

Exactly how teams will value Colon is unclear. He has performed fairly well this season, with a 3.85 ERA, 7.0 K/9 and an excellent 1.2 BB/9 in 161 1/3 innings so far, and seems, on the surface, to be worth his contract. He’s already 41, however, so some teams might view him with trepidation. One report last month indicated that the Mets would be willing to absorb about $2MM in salary if they traded Colon.

Besides the Mets, the team most obviously impacted by the news that Colon is on waivers is the Angels, who are looking for starting pitching after losing Garrett Richards to a season-ending injury. It’s unclear whether Colon will slip all the way to the Angels in the waiver process. As Rosenthal notes, he would have to pass through 28 teams before the Angels would have the chance to claim him. Given the likelihood that he would help a contending Angels team, that seems somewhat unlikely, but it’s not unheard of that Colon would make it that far — other contending teams passed on Marlon Byrd last year and allowed the Pirates to claim him, for example, even though Byrd didn’t have a significant salary.


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More shoulder questions for Wright after 0-fer


The deterioration of Wright has come. It’s sad to see one of the most prolific stars suffer like this. His performance has been less than stellar, and some have to wonder why he signed to this big contract with a team that does not protect him whatsoever.

It’s startling to know that he has 7-8 more years of possible mediocrity. He’s shown the ability to be patient with this club, but that patience comes with risk . The risk is not just on Wright , but also on this organization to put together a team around their star, and to expect astounding numbers from their star. This organization has failed at both, and it’s evident in what the lineup being put out there everyday.

Wright is to blame though, because if he was at least giving this team more power, we wouldn’t be seeing the Mets be so anemic offensively. Wright has 8 home runs, and there’s 30 games left. This has to be a career low in home runs for Wright.

Mets fans have been loyal to Wright despite the headscratching numbers, however it may be time to shut him down for the rest of the season so he can comeback next year and produce at a high level next season.

Let’s be honest there is nothing to play for this year anymore, the Mets are 10.5 games back of the division , and let’s forget about the wildcard. Altogether this is the last year of transition, next year is the time we’ll know if this decline has really set in , or if it’s just fatigue and injuries that have piled up for Wright.

Originally posted on Metsblog:

David Wright‘s second-half struggles continued Monday as he went 0-for-4 in the Mets’ 4-1 loss to the Cubs. But Wright told reporter Adam Rubin he’s not blaming his ongoing left shoulder issue  (ESPN, Aug. 18).

“If I’m in the lineup I expect to produce to a certain standard,” Wright told Rubin. “When I don’t produce to that standard, it’s frustrating.”

Sunday, Terry Collins suggested the shoulder has played a role in Wright’s post-All-Star break slump (, Aug. 17).. Wright missed Sunday’s game after getting hit by a pitch in the shoulder the night before. Rubin reported Wright talked his way into the lineup for Monday’s game.

“The way that I’ve progressed, I feel good,” Wright told Rubin “I wanted to come to the ballpark today with the mindset of trying to give it a shot. Everything worked out pretty well. I got the treatment, tested…

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Dominic Smith’s power is missing — or hasn’t developed yet


So far Smth’s power production has been
harrowing. Knowing what to expect from prospects at that position, he’s certainly my filling the stat sheet in that regard. It’s alarming to know that a stadium as imposing as Grayson Stadium has utterly discouraged the young Dominic Smith just as much as Citi Field has taken David Weight’s power numbers.
He’s only 19 years old so only time will tell, maybe next year we start to see the outburst of power, prospects can take time in that aspect. He has the patient approach. So you don’t know if his preference is to be a gap to gap hitter, drive in runs, and get on base.

I wouldn’t really compare him to other first basemen prospects, only because he is a project. Smith is projected to grow into his power by the age of 21, but with the emergence of Lucas Duda, Mets fans can use the wait and see approach with this youngster.

Originally posted on Mets Minor League Blog:

First basemen are expected to hit the ball over the wall. So far, in the 2014 season, Mets prospect Dominic Smith has only done so once.

Smith, the Mets’ first-round draft pick in the 2013 draft, has one home run for Savannah, hit last weekend in Augusta. How big a deal for this in the 19-year-old?

Smith has played 115 games for the Savannah Sand Gnats and hit .276/.349/.341 with 24 doubles and that one home run. He has run a very healthy walk rate of 9.8 percent and a strikeout rate of 15.6 percent. He’s shown plate discipline and strike zone control while displaying an ability to shoot singles back up the middle and into left field as illustrated in his hit chart below (courtesy Note that in the spray chart below, right field is less “busy” than center and left field.


Smith plays his home games in Historic…

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Cubs SS Baez may be most realistic target for Mets


Baez definitely fits the bill of being the everyday shortstop, he’s young, affordable, and hits for power. Most teams prefer a gap to gap, doubles, and triples type of hitter at the shortstop position. Baez is a high upside type of guy, he can hit 15-20 HRS, 80 RBI.

There is concern with his defense, he has the range, but his hands aren’t to efficient.although Flores is capable of putting similar numbers at that position. His defense is less than stellar. The question is will the Mets come out and give up a substantial amount to up taking Baez.

The price for Baez is absurd at this point, giving up Syndergaard has to be out of the question. Alderson is going to e so quick to pull the trigger on that knowing Baez can be had by not giving up on the future rotation that could cause havoc in baseball for years.

Only time will tell, Mets have a need at SS, Baez is an option that Sandy can look into. Internal options have risen as well, Matt Reynolds is tearing up AAA, he could be a possible trade chip, along with Plawecki, and others.

Sandy has some work to do this offseason, Baez will hopefully be a Met before next season.

Originally posted on Metsblog:

In a deal with the Cubs, SS Javier Baez might be the most realistic acquisition for the Mets, a source familiar with Sandy Alderson’s plans said Friday (ESPN, Aug. 15).

The Cubs had two scouts watching Noah Syndergaard‘s start earlier this month, according to a recent report by columnist Andy Martino (Daily News, Aug. 8).


The Mets are reportedly looking to acquire either a shortstop or left fielder in trade this winter, and Baez is considered to be among the best hitting prospects in baseball, according to a recent list by In addition, their big-league shortstop, Starlin Castro, is hitting .285 with 12 HR and again made the All-Star team this year at just 24 years old.

Castro and Baez were in Chicago’s starting lineup Friday night against the Mets at Citi Field.

Castro has been the subject of trade rumors since Chicago acquired top SS prospect

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Demarcus Cousins: The Rise To Stardom

By: Darrin Williamson

The next steps toward recognition nationally, it starts with determination, unforeseen effort, and time. Cousins is a student of the game, received many basketball lessons from one of the most prominent college basketball coaches in John Calipari.

Cousins attitude is the only major concern coming into this season, it’s a issue many people within the Kings organization continue to put down as apart of the maturation process. Cousins (age 24) has picked up many technicals as easily as he rips rebounds , and throws down thunderous dunks.

The talent is there, but harnessing it is a difficult task. There have been times where Cousins has not exerted the level of assertiveness that can cause havoc in the paint.

Many times he’ll get the ball in the post, faceup, and take a less than efficient mid range jumper. It’s hard to fathom the fact that he has the potential to be dominant,but differs to be an average center at times.

USA basketball will pay dividends in terms of enhancing his character , he’s been getting high praise from the coaches as he looks to make the team.

“Look, his attitude is tremendous because he wouldn’t keep coming back to be a part of this, be on a U.S. team, if it didn’t mean something to him,” the Duke coach said. “So we recognized that even before he started practice.

“The fact that he was there, committed and ready to go and I think in good shape, and he played well. He was talking on defense, by far the leading — well, he and Ken Faried, but he’s our leading rebounder and gives a low post presence that gives our team a little bit different look and can pass out of the post. He made a huge impact on all of us during the week but especially at the scrimmage, Krzyzewski said.”

Centers in the NBA that have the ability Cousins has are rare in today’s NBA. It is time for Cousins to start showing his talent on a nightly basis.

Beware, Tulowitzki and CarGo are big time injury risks


Now there definitely is trepidation within the Mets organization trading their most valuable assets to go after one of these two bats in Colorado. Carlos Gonzales, and Troy Tulowitzki both have season ending injuries. Mets fans were anticipating for Alderson to pull the trigger for one of them, if not both of them, deplete their farm system, and take on the lavish salaries of one of those players.

Albeit, Tulowitzki has been fragile for sometime now, and hasn’t been able to participate in a full 162 game season since the new contract, Carlos Gonzales has had durability issues as well.

Now since these horrific injuries have surfaced, the question is what do Alderson and staff have up their sleeve to bring in one or two pivotal bats to help electrify the lineup. The Cuban market becomes so much more appealing to many. Indications have pointed to the Mets having no interests, but we’ll never know.

These injuries have to be an advantage for the Mets as these two stars value has diminished since these injuries, and could force Colorado’s hand in dealing with teams for Tulo, and CarGo.

In any scenario the market for them has taken a hit, and Colorado would definitely have to eat a big portion of either of their salaries if they want at least a decent prospect for their brittle superstars.

This also makes it difficult for the plethora of teams in dire need of offense. It’s interesting to know that Tulo and CarGo were front runners in the trade market, it now will intensify the bidding for Yosmani Tomas, and Rusney Castillo.

This isn’t great news to any organization, but this really will be a tough pill to swallow for the Mets.

Originally posted on Metsblog:

“Rockies SS Troy Tulowitzki is done for the season and OF Carlos Gonzalez is likely done, too, after playing in just 70 games,” writes local reporter Patrick Saunders (Denver Post, Aug. 14).

In early July, the Mets reached reached out to the Rockies about Tulowitzki and Gonzalez, which lead the Rockies to begin scouting Sandy Alderson’s top prospects, sources told reporter Andy Martino (Daily News, Aug. 7).

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Colorado Rockies

Gonzalez, 28, has suffered from left knee tendinitis since last season. According to local reports, the Rockies are exploring a number of treatment options, from surgery to plasma-rich platelets and stem-cell therapy.

Tulowitzki, 29, will soon undergo season-ending surgery to repair a tear in his left hip labrum.

In any deal involving their two best players, the Rockies had been looking to acquire the best young, power pitching possible and felt they match up best with the Mets and Cardinals (Cerrone, July 29). However…

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Granderson is struggling

By: Darrin Williamson


New York Mets paid Curtis Granderson 60 million to hit for power. So far he’s slumping, it’s coming from the lead off spot . Yesterday night with Den Dekker on third , and EY on second in the bottom of the ninth, Granderson came up and hit a chopper back to the pitcher, and the Mets lost for the second straight night to the Nationals.

Granderson’s been in a cold stretch going into Wednesday’s game, hitting.167 (8-for-48) this month. Entering the day, Granderson had a .330 on-base percentage.

“That’s one of the reasons we thought we’d lead him off,” Collins said. “What we’ve seen is exactly that.”

Collins said the 33-year-old is hitting the ball hard, but has been hurt by the drastic shift teams have employed against him. Regardless, Collins said he isn’t concerned.

That has to be the complication, Collins has got to make a change based off the simple fact that the lead off spot is suppose include a player who cannot only hit for power, just find a way to get on and cause havoc on the basepaths.

Granderson hasn’t been that guy as of late, 20 home runs is a stretch with about 40 games to go, however Granderson persona will my change in the current slump he’s in.

The question is will his production from here on out be deserving of his contract, there’s no doubt in my mind that Grandy will turn into a Met favorite once a winning atmosphere is brought into this clubhouse.


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